United in Hope, Joined in Faith

Parish Events

Weekend Mass Schedule

Sunday Mass - 11:30 am (English)

Sunday Masses in Spanish: 

9 am; 1:30 pm; 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm 

All are welcome and reservations are not required.

"While growing up in Poland, my grandma taught me to live by the guiding principle that when a guest arrives, God arrives (gość w dom, Bóg w dom) for you are, as the Bible says, the Body of Christ. How can I love a God whom I don’t see if I don’t love you, who I do see, just as you are not how I would like you to be? To love God is to love you; to experience God, I need you. You are necessary! At Divine Mercy, you are not just a number on an offertory envelope; you are special. Our mission as a church is to bring hope, consolation, compassion, love, and mercy to hurting people, which means to you. God loves you and wants you, and I know this because I love you and want you. It is because I want you that I am praying you will give me a chance to bless you by joining me for worship or Bible study. I cannot wait to share a big warm Polish smile with you."

Father Adam Kotas


Our Church

The Polish National Catholic Church is a Catholic Church just like the Roman Catholic Church is a Catholic Church; it’s just a different tradition, a different way of being Catholic, but it’s the same faith.