Divine Mercy Church History

Birthing God’s Dream in the Desert, One Miracle After Another

When Father Adam accepted the call to start a PNCC Catholic parish in Las Vegas he had nothing but the dream of having a parish for hurting people to experience the hope of God’s mercy and love in the desert. It was then that Bishop Bernie Nowicki from Scranton, Pennsylvania told Father Adam about  a recently closed parish in Linden, New Jersey where the entire church furnishings were available to be transported to Las Vegas. But how do you move heavy altars, a baptismal font, statues, a pulpit, communion rails etc.. from one end of the country to another? Father Adam believes that nothing is impossible for God, and he declared “if this is from God, God will show us a way to make it happen” and God did for God always makes a way out of no way. With limited funds, hiring someone to do this was not even remotely feasible.  It was the last week of July, 2021 and there were no U-Haul trucks available anywhere near New Jersey until later in August, and we needed to move the contents immediately. Father Adam was praying and trusting God repeating constantly “Jesus I trust in you” just before traveling from Buffalo to New Jersey and lo and behold the U-Haul agent was able to find that a 26-foot truck had just shown up as available on the following Monday morning—right in Linden New Jersey. Nothing is impossible when we have faith, and the patience to sit on hold!


So, the arduous journey of moving an entire church began …