Father Adam Kotas

Early Priestly Ministry

I was ordained to the priesthood on May 22, 2010, by the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa. My first priestly assignment was at St. Francis Solano Parish in Sonoma California in the beautiful wine country region where I worked mainly in Hispanic ministry with the vineyard workers, the hospitality workers, the recently arrived immigrants trying to make it the very expensive boutique town of Sonoma. As is the case in many bureaucratic institutions, the Roman Catholic Church often treats people like just a number;  since they needed to fill a spot they needed, they moved me after only 1 ½ years of ordained priestly life to Pastor my own congregation at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Calistoga, California. A Pastor, at the age of 27, still figuring out what I was doing! If that wasn’t hard enough with almost no priestly experience or life experience, after just months in Calistoga the bishop called me to transfer me to the most remote town you could ever image on the brutal but beautiful coast of California in Crescent City. When the bishop told me he was making me the Pastor in Crescent City I said “bishop, thank you so much for your confidence in my abilities,” to which he says, “Father Adam this is not a matter of confidence, this is a matter of necessity.”   It was a very isolated life in Crescent city where it can rain for 100 days straight and there are huge periods of time with no rain; clearly this was a very depressing environment to be in, especially since I suffer from horrible asthma and allergies; my friend Cathy says that I turned into a “mucus producing machine” there. She and others witnessed how my health deteriorated there, and I asked to be transferred on doctor’s orders to a dry and arid climate conducive what my lungs needed otherwise I would just keep getting worse and worse. This is why I was moved to Las Vegas in 2015.