Father Adam Kotas

Losing the Battle, Winning the War

It was no secret that I loved being in Las Vegas, and that hoped to become incardinated by the Diocese.  Taking advantage of my personality to (successfully) sell memorial candles to the tune of 150,000 dollars, I was promised that when I sold these memorial candles I would get to remain at St. Joseph, Husband of Mary.  Well… that promise was broken practically as soon as the last candle was sold!  I was suddenly transferred after only 18 months, at the start of 2017, to another parish under the pretext that I speak fluent Spanish. I so very much wanted to remain at St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Roman Catholic Church but since I was not incardinated in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas—meaning I had no rights or say in the matter—I was moved to another parish. 


In  life we may not win every battle, but we have to push forward, struggle and fight, and work hard with the truth as our guide to make sure we win the war. 

Truth + work + struggle = success; this is the motto of the Polish National Catholic Church, and this is what I live by.


I was transferred from St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Roman Catholic Church to Holy Family Roman Catholic Church on the East side of Las Vegas where I began a wonderful time of ministry to the large and growing Hispanic community in Las Vegas. The dry and arid climate was a wonder for my respiratory health and my allergies, and I was taken off of all of my medications including my inhalers. In addition, the Las Vegas sun and the beautiful sunny people did a wonder for my overall well-being, and I thrived in Las Vegas as a priest and as a human being, making lifelong friendships with many fabulous people. As a celibate priest a man needs to have community; those without community will get in trouble, as we have seen with many who go down the dark path of destruction for lack of support and companionship and community. I am not a single man but a married man: I am married to the church, that is, all of you, my beautiful and wonderful and holy people of God. I need you. You are my family. I need people in my life in order to be healthy as a priest and as a person.  The people saw how I excelled at all that I did with Bible studies and retreats and Bible boot camps and spirit filled liturgies in English and Spanish and this was all because my health both physical and mental was in order while living in Las Vegas.  


Then the man-made rules of the institution came in and yanked me from Las Vegas- all because I was an un-incardinated priest in Las Vegas; which means I had no rights in Roman Catholic church in Las Vegas and had to go back to California.  Sadly, deceit  accompanied my leaving Las Vegas in June 2018. The people were told “Father Adam is on loan from California and his bishop wants him back” and that’s that, rules are rules; to the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, it doesn’t matter that going back to California was detrimental to my health; what mattered was that I wasn’t a part of the clergy of Las Vegas and wasn’t wanted by the institutional leadership of the diocese, and that’s that. This ‘leadership’ put immense pressure  on me to make sure I would tell the people that I wanted to go back to California, that it was my choice. I was threatened and the fear of God was put in me that if I did not do as they said they will strip me of my priesthood. I was literally on the verge of  a mental breakdown, it’s a wonder they didn’t succeed in killing me by driving me to suicide with their mental and emotional and psychological and spiritual abuse. I am telling you all this so that you understand  why I needed to leave the institutional Roman Catholic system; because it was either I continue to submit to their abuse and be driven to a dark state in emotional and psychological life or I leave the holy priesthood. I had no choice. I was abused by the institution as so many have been. I was left with no choice when I left Las Vegas back in 2018 but to go back to the Santa Rosa Diocese in California or else face expulsion from the priesthood.


Those who know me can feel in their heart that there is nothing dearer or more precious to me than my priesthood, and so under immense threat and pressure I wrote a letter agreeing to go back to California. It was either go back to California or quit being a priest. The Santa Rosa diocese literally exiled me to the remotest town ever in the mountains of Lake County California. Clearlake is the most impoverished city in all of California, where drug production is the main staple of the economy. Lake county is the most impoverished county in all of California. When I was sent there I was told to stay off of social media and I was not allowed to broadcast any of my Masses or Bible Studies lest the people of Las Vegas have access to any of my teachings or ministry. Can you imagine? Keeping people away from the Good News of Jesus Christ! If that isn’t the work of the devil, I don’t know what is. So many people hungry for the Good News, hungry for compassion and meaning and hope, and the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church doing their hardest best to keep people from receiving this Good News. Shameful behavior. Diabolical behavior. But I excelled in my ministry in Clearlake and in Lake County during my 3 years there.