Father Adam Kotas

Ministry in Lake County California

For 3 years I tried my best to remain in the northern California weather pattern pastoring Queen of Peace Church in Clearlake, California, and St. Joseph Church in Middletown in rural lake county, the most impoverished and drug infested county in all of California. It was during this time that I became the tamale making priest, perfecting the art of making tamales to pay the bills of the church. I traveled hundreds of miles around the county in very treacherous terrain, in the mountains with winding roads, visiting parishioners and anyone everyone who needed my ministry. Fire after fire with ashes falling and having to breathe in the ashes caused me to be put on a myriad of respiratory medications; during the winter months with the rains and the cold weather my hands and feet began to go numb. It was clear for physical health reasons which then affect mental health as well that I could not remain in California and needed a dry and arid climate to function well. 

Since clearly the Roman Catholic church did not care or want me for anything other than to fill a spot, why should I try to remain in an institution that not only did not want me but did everything it possibly could to abuse me. I knew that I couldn’t remain in Lake County California and I prayed for the Lord to show me a way to be able to continue serving as a valid, legitimate, and licit Catholic priest offering valid and legitimate and licit sacraments of the Catholic faith in a valid, legitimate and licit Catholic Church recognized as valid and legitimate and licit by the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Bishops of the United States; this is the case of the Polish National Catholic Church whose validity and legitimacy and liceity is unquestionable and all one has to do is just a little research and reading online to find out just how valid and legitimate and licit Polish National Catholicism is.