Divine Mercy Church History

Moving a Whole Church to Las Vegas

Our Story continues … one miracle after another … proof that Divine Mercy Catholic Church is what God wants for His hurting people in the desert of Las Vegas! Father Adam narrates this inspiring, and miracle-filled story of faith!

Miracle—Church Furnishings

During my incardination ceremony in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is where the Polish National Catholic Church is headquartered, I met Bishop Bernie Nowicki and I told him that we had a building where we could hold “church”, but we had nothing to put in it. It was then that Bishop Bernie told me about Holy Trinity/St. Joseph church in Linden, New Jersey that had just closed and all its contents were available for immediate transportation to Las Vegas.

The U-Haul Miracle

The only problem is how to transport them? This is late July of 2021-college age kids are moving to their dorms and people are moving in general and U-Haul’s are in big demand; there were no 26-foot U-Haul’s or any other suitable moving trucks available within 500 miles of Linden, New Jersey …for months. We reserved three big storage pods that we were going to load up and pay to have transported; Erick Heredia Flores flew from Las Vegas, and I headed from Buffalo to Linden to figure out how to pack the church and load the PODS up; while at the airport on our way to New Jersey, I received a message that the PODS will not be available until August 12 and that making a reservation is not a confirmation. I put my hands up and said, “Lord help me” and God always does.  With the help of a friendly and sympathetic U-Haul customer service agent, we went from no trucks anywhere to finding just what we needed; a 26-foot U-Haul truck that would be turned in right there at the Linden, New Jersey location in 2 days,  and boom we had a U-Haul and just the right size U-Haul.

Miracle From a Home Depot Stop

Now, I was wondering “how are we going to pack a whole church worth of altars, stations of the cross, statues, communion rails, a pulpit, a baptismal font, etc.…”  Well, this is where the miracle of my YouTube and Facebook ministry came in; while walking through the local Home Depot in Elizabeth, New Jersey a couple of folks stared at me saying “Father Adam what are you doing here, we see you on YouTube all the time.” That very day Judith, a friend of mine from El Salvador had just let me know she secured a first-class relic of my favorite saint of all time, St. Oscar Romero from El Salvador, and that we had a letter certifying the authenticity of the first-class relic from the Archdiocese of San Salvador. It is a piece of the vestment he was wearing the day he was shot to death while celebrating Holy Mass and the piece of vestment is soaked with the saint’s blood. We will be displaying this first-class relic for veneration at our parish. I didn’t know how we were going to pack the church in Linden up for transport so after hearing the news of the relic I asked St. Oscar Romero for help, pleading for his powerful intercession. Well, the two wonderful people who recognized me in the Home Depot are originally from El Salvador and as soon as we started talking they asked me “Father Adam have you heard of our Salvadoran Saint?” I said: “who?” And she said “Oscar Romero” and I about fainted and that’s when I told them that I was in New Jersey to try to pack a whole church up and move it to Las Vegas and needed help and I didn’t know anybody. Well, they put their connections to work and along with other wonderful people we had a whole crew that next day, Sunday the 25th of July 2021, to help us pack the whole church ready to be loaded onto the 26-foot miracle U-Haul truck. Isn’t our God just wonderful? How can you not praise Him? You still have doubts that our God is a God of miracles? You still need proof that He makes ways out of no ways? We’ll continue reading there are more miracles to report that will blow your mind and increase your faith …

Miracle–A Sign From God

But the Home Depot friends have to work the next day, so it was just Erick and I, picking up this big 26-foot truck and no more help in sight. So, while praying my morning prayers on Monday July 26 in the hotel in New Jersey I once again said “Lord this is your project, it is your parish, it’s for your greater  glory and for the sanctification and healing of your hurting people, please help me.” I walk into the breakfast lounge at the hotel and this young woman runs up to me “Father Adam is that you? I can’t believe it. I fell asleep listening to your YouTube recordings.” Come to find out she had just moved with her husband and two daughters from El Paso, Texas to New Jersey as her husband was relocated by the United States Military. The daughters were having a horrible time with the move. Added to the stress of a major life change was the fact that their apartment the previous week was burned to the ground, and they escaped with literally nothing. She  says: “I felt desperate last night, and I said to God I needed a sign I was going to be ok, that we were going to be ok, and now here I walk into the breakfast area of our hotel and here you are. God answered my prayers.” I told her what I want to tell you: “God always answers our prayers!” Always.

Miracle–The Military Steps In

Not only did God answer Lili’s prayers that day but He answered mine; Bryan, Lili’s husband is a sergeant in the military heading up their community outreach efforts in that part of New Jersey. I told them my  plight with loading a whole church worth of furnishings and sacred items onto a 26-foot truck and Bryan says, “not a problem Father Adam I will mobilize a bunch of my guys and we will be there this afternoon.” The military came that very day, Monday, and took the altars apart, disassembled all the furnishings and prepared them for loading the next day. It was a two-day effort. Strong, military men helped us load the truck! God is so good! God bless our wonderful United States military, God bless our men and women in our armed forces. God bless America.

Miracle–The Organ

It has been one miracle after another especially in getting the huge 48-inch-wide organ down from the choir loft. The men from the United States military tried once to take it down but couldn’t because the opening was only 43 inches, 5 inches too short; they tried every which way, and it wouldn’t work. I was upstairs praying, and when I tried to help them, one of the guys says, “Father I could pick the organ up with one arm and you with the other, stand aside,” we both laughed as all the men were pure muscle and used to heavy duty lifting unlike myself, that’s why I am hitting the gym way more often now. But I wanted that organ so we could make wonderful and holy music for the Lord at Divine Mercy Church! I look down and there I see a penny, which is my sign from heaven sent by my grandfather that all is ok and that he is with me helping me. When grandpa sends me pennies I know all is ok. I looked at the guys and said, “try again.” They all said, “but Father Adam the opening is 5 inches too small, it won’t work.” I said, “for you and for me it may be too small but for God it is just right.” One of the sergeants says, “It’s impossibleFather Adam.” I said, “for you and for me it is impossible for God nothing is impossible, all things are possible for God and with God and we have God here with us, try again.” Try again! And we did! And the organ fit right through the opening, and we have it here in Las Vegas at Divine Mercy parish to make music for glory of God and the uplifting of the spirits of those who worship with us. Nothing is too small or too big for God to handle. Grandpa let me know it would fit. Let this be the news you need to hear to know it will fit as well in your life, so try it again. Just have faith. Repeat what I said that day “Jesus I trust in you.” And it all fits even in the most impossible of places.


On that Wednesday, Erick and I left Linden New Jersey in the mostly full 26-foot U-Haul.  We stopped in Scranton Pennsylvania to pick up some more items from the PNCC that would fit into the truck and then the 5-day trip to Las Vegas began.  That is another story for another day.