Father Adam Kotas

Hello, hello!
I am Father Adam Kotas


I was born in Poland during the height of Godless communist repression when there was nothing in the stores and people had to wait in long lines for basic necessities which were rationed like they are today in Venezuela or Cuba. Seeing and experiencing suffering from an early age, especially the struggle of my parents to put food on the table, has given me a heart that empathizes with the suffering human being. Compassion and understanding and infusing hope and love to hurting people are my mission as a priest. I use humor and the gift of my boisterous and infectious laughter to lift people up from whatever depressing or anxious situation they may find themselves in. God has given me many gifts and one of them is a unique ability to put people at ease and make them forget their troubles as they come to church to be refueled and re-energized to keep going, to keep walking!

Each of my sermons or Bible Studies or retreats or classes or talks is laced with The Good News of God’s love and Mercy and the ever soothing and abiding presence of our loving God. I always say that “at the end all will be well” quoting one of my favorite Saints, Julian of Norwich, because as the Bible says, “if God is for me, who can be against me.”

I invite you to check me out, especially if you haven’t been to church in a long time; give it a try! You might like it! II understand that many times people find churches to be boring, and more often than you may realize, sermons are “canned,” pulled off the internet from other preachers, priests, or a sermon service and read to the worshipers, who to no one’s surprise, get nothing out of them!   I begin my sermon prep a week before I deliver it. I pray and meditate over the scriptures for a given Sunday, and I search for stories and consult many resources to  make sure I can deliver a meaningful, useful, and convicting homily each Sunday when you make the time and effort to come to church.

I don’t take you for granted, which can be the case in many Catholic parishes where your presence is expected because it’s your obligation to be there, where you, as a layperson, are expected to “pray, pay, and obey.”

At Divine Mercy Catholic Church, Holy Mass is never an obligation, it is always a celebration!

You are not a number on a church envelope, you are a special, cherished, and wanted child of God.

I want you because God wants you! Please come! Check me out, check out Divine Mercy parish.

With God's help, together we can work beautiful miracles and grow in faith in the desert.