Many Catholic parishes make getting married super difficult imposing so many requirements that it is no wonder people opt out of a Catholic wedding.  This is not the case at Divine Mercy parish. Father Adam isn’t there to make getting a Catholic sacramental marriage ceremony harder for you but rather to simplify as much as possible. You already have a hard life as it is, and you are super busy especially with planning a wedding. 


Divine Mercy Catholic Church has two chapels available where your wedding can take place, our much smaller chapel, and our larger sanctuary.  In addition, in certain circumstances Father Adam may be available to officiate at your wedding ceremony at another site. So, whether you are a local couple from Las Vegas or just coming to Las Vegas to have your destination wedding and want a spiritual component to your wedding ceremony, Divine Mercy Catholic parish will do what we can to accommodate your needs. The best way to get information is to give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been married in the Catholic Church before, can I still be married at Divine Mercy parish?

We are a Catholic parish; we believe that marriage is for life and that divorce is ordinarily not part of God’s plan. However, certain marriages should have never taken  place for various reasons, and this is where we examine your previous marital history  on a case-by-case basis to see if you have grounds for an annulment. Father Adam will be happy to assist you with the annulment process for a release from a previous marital bond so that you can once again enter into a sacramental Catholic marriage. Don’t assume that just because you have been married in the church before you won’t be able to be married in the church again.

What if I don’t have all of my sacraments in order or my spouse to be is not Catholic or not even Christian or not even a believer?

Marriage is not an invention of the Catholic Church, and you have a right to be married whether your significant other is of the same belief system or not. The important thing is to have God’s blessing as you begin your life together and we will do all we can to facilitate you getting this blessing. We won’t stay in the way and rules won’t be an obstacle to you being married in the church.

Do you do weekday ceremonies?


Of course!

I am from out of town and would like a Catholic wedding by a Catholic priest, is  Father Adam able to marry us?

For answers to this and all your questions,  please contact our parish office. We will be glad to help! Call us!