The Polish National Catholic Church acknowledges the seven catholic sacraments

Baptism and Confirmation

We believe that these two are one sacrament because Confirmation completes Baptism. Baptism regenerates the soul.

Recipients are forgiven their sins through God's grace and become members of the church. Confirmation bestows on recipients the gifts of the Holy Spirit and strength to live the faith.

Holy Eucharist

The Holy Eucharist is Jesus Christ Himself mystically present in the form of bread and wine - the greatest of all sacraments.

Recipients are united with God and their souls are nourished

The Word of God

 Listening to the priest read the Holy Scriptures and his explanation of them through the sermon helps members to know God's will.


Penance is the confession of and granting forgiveness for sins.

Holy Matrimony 

Matrimony unites a Christian man and woman in marriage forever in the name of God. This sacrament adds holiness, stability and happiness to the union.

Holy Orders

Holy Orders admit recipients to the priesthood and give them the grace and authority to celebrate Mass and to forgive sins.

The authority comes from Christ, through apostolic succession.

Holy Unction

Holy Unction is the sacrament of the seriously ill.

It brings forgiveness of sins, spiritual and sometimes physical healing, comfort and courage to the recipient.