Join Divine Mercy parish

Parish members have rights and responsibilities to help with the ongoing operation of the church.  Please consider joining the parish!   You can download the membership form from this webiste and return it to the parish office. 

PNCC and parish structure and governance

The PNCC is governed in accordance with its Constitution and Laws. Bishops and priests possess the authority to explain and teach the doctrinal position of the church in matters of faith, morals, and discipline. The legislative authority of the Church is vested in the General Synod, the Special Synod, the Diocesan Synod, and the Parish Meeting.

In financial and administrative matters, the parishioners possess administrative authority. Representatives elected at the Annual Parish Meeting and confirmed by the diocesan Bishop, exercise their constitutional authority in cooperation with the pastor. 

The chief legislative body of the PNCC is the General Synod, which normally convenes every four years. The composition of the General Synod includes clergy and laity. Each parish is entitled to send one lay delegate for each 50 active members.